Thursday, June 9, 2011

Celebrate goodie bags

Today is my son's "Step Up" to 1st grade program.  He really wanted to have a little something to give to each of his classmates so we made these little goodie bags.  Yellow and blue are his school colors and I just used a star to keep them very simple.  We also made yellow and blue star shaped sugar cookies!!
I'm so proud of my, not so little anymore, boy!!  

Looking forward to the program and excited for him to start summer vacation!!  A big THANK YOU to his wonderful teachers for making this year such a success and for building a great foundation for his future education!!  The teachers really make all the difference and we're so lucky his school is staffed with the BEST teachers!!
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  1. These treat bags are so cute! When I read that you made sugar cookies for his classmates, it brought back lots of happy memories. I have baked sugar cookies for years while my 3 boys passed through elementary school. They were always a big hit with the students and teachers. My youngest is turning 15 and will be starting High School, so the cookies aren't made as often as I used to. Thanks for the memories! I wish you had taken a picture of the cookies! Maybe next time. Have a great day!