Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Deals at Michaels

A couple weeks ago we went to Michaels and got some good deals in the clearance area, all the Christmas stuff was 90% off, got stickers, stamps and rub ons, lots were .10, others were .23

My husband was wandering and came across a gray hooded sweatshirt reduced to $3 that ended up ringing up as $1.50

He's very proud of that find!

We got all this and a pack of Cricut Imagine 12x12 mats, which were full price, for just under $20!!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

More catch up stuff from Christmas

My coworkers love when I make buckeye balls, I always like to give a little something around the holidays but usually just go with dollar store stuff that I'm sure isn't even used.  This year I decided to give them each 1/2 dozen buckeyes!  I made the boxes and lined them with wax paper.

 My son is a cub scout so we had plenty of microwave popcorn bags.  I found this designed sleeve on the internet I printed to wrap the popcorn in and gave a pack with the buckeyes.  We also used this for my son's teachers.  It says:  Just "popping" by with a holiday hi
 We also gave my son's main teacher a dunkin donuts gift card.  I found this template for a card on the internet.  instead of a card, I cut the pieces out and added a pouch in the back to slide the g/c in.
 My son really wanted to have a gift for EVERY teacher at his school.  He goes to a small school, so there's only one teacher for every grade, it wasn't a ton, but it was something and these were made last minute.  I made these little boxes to fill with mints.  Every grade teacher and "extra" teacher, ie gym, art, computer, got a gift from my son!!
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Ghostbusters Halloween

This year my son wanted to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween, when we finally found a store bought costume that would fit him, I was not impressed. It cost $30-$40 and was very "cheap" and not much to it.  I decided I could do better on my own.
My husband and I enjoy Halloween and try to get in the spirit of things with our son, so I ended up making my husband be the Stay Puft marshmallow man, while I just had a glow in the dark Slimer shirt I painted.  My son's costume was complete with back pack, goggles, laser to fight the ghosts and a ghost catcher box that he used to collect his candy in.  It was a lot of fun and my husband got a lot of attention!!

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Green Frog diaper motorcycle

One of my husband's coworkers who has seen my blog, asked if I'd make this for her daugher's baby shower.  She has a better frog to use, I just put something on there to take the pic.

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Something non crafty, my wonderful husband surprised me at work with these beautiful flowers and I just wanted to share:

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This year my son said he wanted to make his own valentines to pass out to his class.  We bought a few $1 stamps from Michaels and this is what we came up with:

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Finally a new post!!

It has been way too long since I last posted, life just got in the way, with my son's birthday, the holidays and everything else, I've been pretty busy.  I have done lots of crafting, just didn't make the time to post anything.

Birthday card my son made for my dad:

Birthday card for my son's 7th birthday:

Son's 7th bday party was SD themed and we had a mystery, these held the clues:

Birthday card for my hubby, whose bday is Christmas Eve:

 Birthday card for my cousin:
 Birthday card for my future sister in law:
 Birthday card for a niece:
Birthday card my son made for my brother in law who shares a birthday with my son:
 Thanksgiving card
 Another Thanksgiving card
 Fabric snowmen tshirts made for my son, one of my nephews and 4 of my nieces:
 Dunkin Donuts gift basket I put together for a charity event:
 School supplies basket for my church's Tricky Trays event
 Hot Wheels gift basket I donated for my church's Tricky Trays event:

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