Saturday, January 28, 2012

More catch up stuff from Christmas

My coworkers love when I make buckeye balls, I always like to give a little something around the holidays but usually just go with dollar store stuff that I'm sure isn't even used.  This year I decided to give them each 1/2 dozen buckeyes!  I made the boxes and lined them with wax paper.

 My son is a cub scout so we had plenty of microwave popcorn bags.  I found this designed sleeve on the internet I printed to wrap the popcorn in and gave a pack with the buckeyes.  We also used this for my son's teachers.  It says:  Just "popping" by with a holiday hi
 We also gave my son's main teacher a dunkin donuts gift card.  I found this template for a card on the internet.  instead of a card, I cut the pieces out and added a pouch in the back to slide the g/c in.
 My son really wanted to have a gift for EVERY teacher at his school.  He goes to a small school, so there's only one teacher for every grade, it wasn't a ton, but it was something and these were made last minute.  I made these little boxes to fill with mints.  Every grade teacher and "extra" teacher, ie gym, art, computer, got a gift from my son!!
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